Monday, 30 June 2008


Even Katharine Jefferts Schori (++KJS) of The Episcopal Church (TEC) is not above a good rant.

TEC's primus inter pares, ++KJS has another unique title and role: TEC Confounder (TECCON). In this role she confounds the efforts of all enemies of Katharine's Inclusive Compulsory Anglican Secularisation Scheme (KICASS).

TECCON's latest ecclesial target is the recently published
Jerusalem Declaration of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON).

TECCON is an indefatigable soldier for the cause of justice, the exclusive (sic) cardinal virtue tolerated under KICASS. Once again, TECCON vanquishes all aretological and epistemological contenders with her considerable logic and theological acumen!

How does TECCON know that iustitia, the virtue of justice, specifically social justice, must be the sole criterion of Anglican authenticity under her KICASS regime? In other words, what is the epistemic justification for her bold assertion, or rather, assumption?

Invoking justice is its own justification, of course. And KICASS is there to enforce it.

On the other hand, TECCON's 'logic' is a startlingly convincing argument for Petrine Succession.


Ranticon above is of Celsus Library, Ephesus, taken whilst my family were on holiday in 2005.

C and Perl programmers will note that the expression ++kjs means 'preincrement variable kjs'. Perhaps one of you might write a nice countdown add-on for Firefox?

Pro Cantuar

For the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Just because we were smiling on the outside doesn't mean we weren't ranting on the inside!

The Most Revd Dr Rowan Williams is a strong proponent of Catholic principles in the Anglican Communion. He stands head and (almost) shoulders above the lot of us, wouldn't you say? After all, he is an Instrument of Communion.

These days, to be an Anglican Catholic Christian, and to be heard, is to rant, it would seem, or at least to me.

But Dr Williams can't rant; he's
Cantuar in communio.

I speak here personally; he must speak everywhere 'communally'. That's because he personifies communion for Anglicans in an absolutely unique manner, ontologically and practically.

Compared to me and to all of you who are Anglican Catholic Christians, Cantuar has
  • less freedom, but
  • more authority,
each relative goods with respect to roles. Accordingly, Cantuar is both competent and charismatic:
  • Nature and nurture provide his character and theology (to desire and to affirm communion).
  • God and grace provide his charisms and efficacy (to confect and to effect communion).

Ranticon above taken on 22nd April 2006, three days before my father died. The smile didn't last very long and is only just coming back. This blog is a means to that end.